Material Testing Refferal Laboratory

List Of Personnel
Sr.No Name  Post  Educational
1 A.S.Mahire Scientific Research Officer M.Sc.(Physics) B.Ed.
2 M.V.Patil Assistant Research Officer DCE
3 Y.G.Bagul Scientific Officer B.Sc.(Zoology)
4 D.C.Jadhav Assistant Engineer Gr.-II B.E.Civil,M.Tech(Const.Mang.)
5 B.B.Shinde Assistant Engineer Gr.-II B.E.Civil
6 M.M.Barde Sectional Enginreer DCE
7 D.M.Fartale Junior Engineer C.E.A/Professional DCE
8 B.P.Bhoye Research Assistant B.Tech (Agri. Engg.)
9 S.A.Patil Research Assistant B.Sc.(Chemistry) B.Ed.
10 S.S.Bhamere Research Assistant B.Sc.(Chemistry) B.Ed.
11 V.D.Chaudhari Research Assistant D.I.E., M.Sc.(Physics) B.Ed.
12 S.V.Hiwale Junior Clerk 10th
13 H.S.More Peon 9th
14 L.V.Rathod Peon B.A .D.Ed.
15 H.V.Pathare   10th
16 L.L.Gavali Labour 2nd
17 T.S.Dambale Labour 7th
18 B.L.Jadhav Labour 7th
19 P.T.Godhade Labour 7th
20 G.E.Jadhav Labour 5th

 Technical Committe

   Concrete Hand Book Chapter Committee.

I.This committee is formed as per instructions of Director General, MERI,Nashik vide office order no. 5/2012.
II. CE,  CDO, Nashik is the chairman of the committee and Scientific Research officer , Material Testing Division is  the Member Secretaryof  this  committee.
III.  Committee has discussed  &  finalized the following chapters.              i) Ready Mix Concrete
ii) Self Compacting Concrete
iii)Placement of Concrete
These 3 draft chapters had been submitted to Government of  Maharashtra for Approval. 
IV.Out of these chapters 2 chapters has been finalized by Government of Maharashtra.



PWD Handbook No.

Name of PWD Handbook



Ready Mix Concrete



Placement of Concrete

Colgrout Review Committee.

i) This committee is constituted  as per the instructions of  Director                  General, MERI, Nashik. vide Office Order No.3, letter No.550, dtd.13-06-2014 of this division.
ii) CE, CDO, Nashik is the chairman of the committee and Scientific                 Research officer , Material Testing Referrel Lab  is  the Member Secretary of   this  committee.
             3)  Ferro- cements Committee.

i) This Committee is formed vide GR of Govt. of Maharashtra, dtd.03-01-2015.
ii) CE, CDO, Nashik is the chairman of the committee and Scientific Research officer , Material Testing Referral Lab  is  the MemberSecretary of  this committee

            4)  B.I.S. Committee

            Scientific Research officer , Material Testing Referal Lab  is  the
 of 3 committees of B.I.S.
            a) WRD 09   : -  Dams & Spillways Sectional Committee.
            b) CED 02:1 :-  Cement, Pozzolana & Cement  additives  Sub sectional
            c) CED 53     :- Concrete Pipe Committee 

2.     Special Work

1.Compressive Load testing of Dome Shroud assembly and Missile
 launching Plates using 2000 Ton CTM.
·  Dome Shroud assembly is from Advanced Systems Laboratory, Ministry of  Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Hydrabad.
·  Axial deflection is measured on Dome Shroud assembly by using 15 strain gauges in 2000 Ton CTM lab.
·  Compressive strength Test on Missile launching Plates is done by this division.
2. Mix Design of RCC using Fly ash from various Thermal Power          Station in India.
 ·  This study is given by Science and Technical division, Government of India.
·    A systematic and thorough study  of mix design of RCC using fly ash from five different Thermal Power Stations in India was carried at Material Testing, RL, MERI, Nasik.
 3. Compressive strength test is carried out on concrete core from Nashik - Trambakeshwar road during SIHANSTH.
  4. On the basis of testing work carried out by this division, workshop  on quality control of materials as well as training on the same is arranged for Newly recruited candidate  from MPSC, candidate from refresher courses arranged by META, Nashik and candidates from various colleges like KKW, COE, Nashik, Sandeep Foundation etc by this division.