Soil Mechanics Referral Laboratory

Name:Shri. Digmbar D. Parkhe
Designation:Scientific Research Officer
Qualification:M.Sc Analytical Chemistry 
Phone : 91 253 2530295    Fax : 0253 2530764
Email : ,

Joining Details:
·         Joined on present position on 8th Mar 2013.
·         Post Graduate from KTHMCollege in 1997.
·         Entered in the Maharashtra Engineering Research Institute (MERI) in       April-1999.
·         Worked in the capacities of Senior Scientific Assistant (Apr.1999-2005), Scientific Officer (Mar.2005-2013) and Scientific Research Officer ( March 2013 – till date).

Work Experience:

Working experience in following field :
·        Remote Sensing and GIS Technique and its Applications.
·       Chemical & Physical Properties of Cement, Fly Ash, Sand, Soil,
       Leached Material and Water.
·       Good knowledge of Computer Hardware and Software.
·        Sedimentation Survey of Reservoirs by Remote Sensing and DGPS Technique.
·       Developed an E-Library for studied reports in MERI. It is very useful to find any report and backup a hard and softcopy.
·        Worked in Material Testing Division, Soil Mechanic Division, Environmental Engineering Research Division, Structural Research & Physics Division, Remote Sensing & Geo informatics Division and Reservoir Sedimentation Survey Division.

Sample received and Testing Cycle :

·         The soil samples for testing are received by Division , through letter along with Data Sheet, Quarry map & Certificate and Soil Samples  which is certify in  presence  E. E. level in case of Deptt. and Head of organization in case of private Agency.

·         The testing work is assigned to the ARO / SO, by S.R.O.

·         The testing requirements are received by ARO / SO for carrying out necessary testing.

·         The testing requirements are verified by ARO / SO through the check list for acceptance of test job.

·         If the testing assignment is not acceptable then inform to  the concerned submission authority.

·         A Proforma Invoice for testing charges is prepared as per prevailing approved testing rates and sent to concern Organization /Agency.  
·         The test is performed after receipt of the necessary funds deposit to Civil Construction Maintenance  Division, MERI, Nashik., under intimation to this division.

·         Work order for testing is entrusted to staff as per chronology order of Soil samples and cheque received. (As  far as possible first come first serve basis).

·         The final test results are checked, complied by staffs, concerned ARO/SO and submitted to the SRO for final  approval. After approval, the final result sheet with final bill (part III) sent to the concerned field officer/ Authority.

List of Personnel

Sr.No. Name Designation Qualification
1  D.D.Parkhe Scientific Research Officer M.Sc.Chemistry
2 A.P.Patil Assistant Research Officer B.E.Civil
3 V.R.Ghane Scientific Officer B.Sc
4 A.P.Jadhav Asstt. Engineer G-II B.E.Civil
5 U.G.Fulzele Sectional Engineer DCE
6 K.V.Gunjal Sectional Engineer DCE
7 B.B Tuse  Junior Engineer CEA
8 A.B.Lokhande Junior Scientific Assistant M.Sc
9 K.M.More  Research Assistant M.Sc.Chemistry
10 A.K.Gaikwad  Research Assistant M.Sc.Agri
11  I.A.Shaikh Stenotypist B.Com
12  B.B. Ninave Senior Clerk S.S.C
13  V.D.Sapkal Junior Clerk B.A
14 V.V.Lokhande Junior Clerk  12th
15  Korale Peon  
16  S.P.Bhujbal Helper  
17  B.J.Ugle CRT Mazdoor  
18  M.S.Lonare CRT Mazdoor  
19  N.L.Waykande  CRT Mazdoor  

Completed Project Testing Work

Sr.No. Year Number Of Projects No.Of Samples
1 2011-2012 48  Projects 298
2 2012-2013 40  Projects 312
3 2013-2014 56  Projects 314
4 2014-2015 39 Projects 312
5 2015-2016 50  Projects 369
6 2016-2017 47  Projects 400
7 2017-2018 41 Projects 283

Ongoing Project : (2017-2018 upto sept 17)

Sr.No. Region No. Of Samples
1 Kokan 19
2 TIDC,Jalgaon 04
3 Vidharbha 56
4 NMR 10
5 Marathwada 01
6 Pune 00

Ongoing Research Problems

Sr.No. Year Name of Problems Status
1   (1) Gosi khurd project- suggestions of CNS material
    (2) Determination of relation between swelling pressure and shrinkage limit for soil
  (3) Determination of water content and dry density relation using compaction
    (4) Study of nano concrete using carbon nano tubes / polycarboxylates.

Tecnical Reports Last Five Years :


Sr,No. Year Name of Technical Report
1 2012- 2013 Investigation of bearing capacity of  foundation for proposed Minor Irrigation scheme Karajgaon. Tal.-Chandur-bazar. Dist.-Amravati
2 2013- 2014 Investigation of bearing capacity of  foundation for proposed Minor Irrigation scheme Naya -Andura Tal, -Balapur, Dist. - Akola
3 2014 -2015 The study of non-functioning of Toe drain in Ujjain dam, Dist.-Solapur
4 2015- 2016 1. Investigation of bearing capacity of Navegaon Minor Project, Dist.- Gondia   2. Investigation of bearing capacity for Aqueduct on left bank canal at ch.9420 M of Dehali Medium Project, Tal - Akkalkuwa, Dist-Nandurbar.
3. Study of sub soil strata in context with leakages in Lbc and Rbc of Vadivale medium project (first 6.00 km)

2016 -   

1.Investigation of bearing capacity for R.C.C. E.S.R at Takli,Nashik, Dist. Nashik for Nashik Municipal Corporation, Nashik.
2. Study of structures in black cotton soil.

1. Regionwise pattern of soil properties in Maharashtra state.

Research Paper

Sr. No Year Name of research paper
1 2015-2016 1.Study of sand having more organic impurities
2.Establishing relationship between swelling pressure and free swell index of soils-A case study
3.Deriving soil properties pattern for kokan region in Maharashtra state.
2 2016-2017 1.Soil properties pattern of Marathwada region in Maharashtra state
2.Use of water banking concept in and as water conservation
3.Study of structure in black cotton soil
4.Compilation of plate bearing test data
3 2017-2018 1.Soil properties pattern of Nashik region in Maharashtra state
2.Remedial measures for canal leakages in Vadivale medium project,Pune,Maharashtra
3.Analysis of effect of shear wall on floor diaphragm in multi-storied reinforced concrete building
4.Investigation of bearing capacity by plate load test-A case study
5.Effect of soaking period on liquid limit and plastic limit of soils
4 2018-2019 1.Nano concrete and its classified applications in nano technology
2.Soil properties pattern of saline belt in Vidharbha region in Maharashtra state

Ongoing Research Year Name of research paper
1 2018-2019 1. Nano concrete and its classified applications in nano technology
2. Soil properties pattern of vidharbha region in Maharashtra state
3. Applications of ferrocement in construction.

Revenue Earned :

Sr. No. Year Revenue Earned in Lakhs    
    Government Private Total
1 2011-2012 27.225 0 27.22
2 2012-2013 111.80 9.00 120.80
3 2013-2014 54.66 9.08 63.74
4 2014-2015 25.86 2.96 28.82
5 2015-2016 68.39 8.88 77.27
6 2016-2017 43.63 10.09 53.72
7 2017-2018
28.65 0.022 28.672