Civil Works Maintenance Division MERI Nashik


Name : Mr. Santosh Ramchandra Bhosale, Executive Engineer
Qualification  : M.E. Civil (Geotech Engineering)
Address : Civil Works Maintenance Division, MERI, Nashik-4

Phone: (+91) 253 2530992

Biodata of Executive Engineer

Date of Birth 05/02/1979
Languages known English/Hindi/Marathi
Working Experience i)Teaching in Engineering college 08 years
ii)AEI in PWD
iii)AEE in WRD
iv)EE in WRD
Interest in field Geotechnical Engineering

Civil Works Maintenance Division M.E.R.I., Nashik was previously known as Seismic Data Analysis Division, which was Established in 1983 Attached to M.E.R.I., Since 1984, But recently renamed from date 1/4/2015 as Civil Works Maintenance Division as per government Marathi 

Civil Works Maintenance Division MERI Nashik

List of Staff Members 
Mr.S.R.Bhosale Executive Engineer M.E.(Civil)
(Geotech Engineering)
Mr.A.R.Dhake Asst.Research Officer
(Additional Charge)
Mrs. A.S.Kolhe  Asst.Engineer Gr.II  B.E.(Civil)
Mr.D.H.Tarle  Junior Engineer  C.E.A.
Mr.S.B.Wagh  Junior Engineer(Mech.)  DME
Mrs.A.Y.Morkar  Junior Scientific Assistant MSc
Mrs. A.S.Bagul   Research Assistant  MSc
Mrs.U.V.Dattawal  First Clerk  -
Mr.K.A.Bhartiya   Store Keeper  -
Mr.V.V.Katare  Senior Clerk  -
Mr.G.B.Vidur Senior Clerk  -
Miss A.B.Sonawane Steno Typist  -
Mr.S.R.Chandratre Junior Clerk  -
Mrs.L.A.Khairnar  Junior Clerk  -
Mr.V.T.Rawal   Driver  -
Mr.D,A.Kedare Daptari  -

Civil Sub Division

A.A.Bachhav Assistant Engineer Gr-1 M.Tech Civil
R.M.Bhusnale Sectional Engineer D.C.E
D.Y.Kale Junior Engineer
T.S.Khedkar Sectional Engineer D.C.E
R.H.Bombarde Sectional Engineer D.C.E
Mr.Dandekar Sectional Engineer D.C.E
A.R.Dhake Sectional Engineer D.C.E
R.D.Apsunde Senior Clerk -
D.J.Wagh Senior Clerk -
Y.N.Pabale Junior Clerk -

Maintenance Sub Division
A.A.Bachhav Assistant Engineer Gr-1
(Additional Charge)
M.Tech Civil
A.S.Kolhe Asst.Engineer Gr-II
(Additional Charge)
D.Y.Kale Junior Engineer
R.D.Apsunde Senior Clerk
(Additional Charge)
Electrical Cell
A.P.Bhalerao Deputy Engineer D.E.E
M.S.Patil Sectional Engineer D.E.E
B.B.Sarode Sectional Engineer D.E.E
K.P.Gare Junior Clerk -
S.D.Gangurde Electrician -
D.G.Marathe Asstt.Electrician -
R.K.Jadhav Electrician -

Activities under Civil Works Maintenance Division

(A) Technical
  • Watch and ward of MERI premises
  • Maintenance and repairs of residential and non residential buildings in over all MERI premises including water supply etc.
  • Management and Maintenance of MERI Land Assets
  • Issues related to MERI Land in Bombay High Court

(B) Account and other related matter of MERI Institute
Providing service to all divisions under MERI regarding financial matters (Financial transactions and payment etc.) submitting account to A.G.


1) Civil works maintenance division
    Maharashtra engineering research institute
    Main building first floor
    Dindori road, Nashik-422004
    phone no.0253-2530670

2) Civil sub division
     Maharashtra engineering research institute
     Dindori road, Nashik-422004

3) Maintenance sub division
    Central design organisation
    Main building, Ground floor
    Dindori road, Nashik-422004

4)  Electrical cell
      Maharashtra engineering research institute
      Dindori road, Nashik-422004