Resource Engineering Center , MERI.



Name:  Makarand Madhukar Kulkarni
Qualifications  B.E.(CIVIL)
Address :    Research Engineering Centre, MERI


                       Other Details
Date of Birth 

06 september 1980

Nationality Indian
Languages English/Hindi/Marathi
1) 3 years in water management
2) 3 years in canal construction
3) 4 years in remote sensing
 Interest in field

Design and Research in water resources management, construction activities.

List of Personnel

Name Designation Qualification
Shri.M.M.Kulkarni E.E BE (Civil)
Shri. S A.Gaikwad S.D.E BE (Civil)
Shri. S G Wagh Assistant Engineer Grade-II M.E. (Civil)
Shrimati P.K.Kedar Assistant Engineer Grade-II B.E. (Civil)
Ms S.G.Kuwar  Assistant Engineer Grade-II B.E. (Civil)
Shri.R.V.Gaikwad Assistant Engineer Grade-II B.E. (Civil) 
Shri P.D.Kulkarni J.E. DCE
Shri D R Nikam J.E. DCE
Shri. K.S.Gaurkhede J.E. DCE
Shri S.B.Shirsath Tracer  -
Shri D.S.Shelke Senior Clerk -
Shri R.R.Impal Junior Clerk -
Shri A.N.Sapkale Junior Clerk -
Shri S.D.Mohite Junior Clerk -
Shri B.S.Pardeshi Asst.Store Keeper -


1. Assessment of reservoir sedimentation by Remote Sensing Technique.
2. Sugarcane crop mapping.
3. Green cover mapping
4. Land use land cover mapping
5. Grape crop mapping
6. Urbanization in command area of Major Projects
7. Capacity assessment of reservoir by DGPS
8. Survey of canal and command by DGPS
9. Training to WRD officers
10. Updating information on Bhuvan web portal
11  Presenting of papers
12. Consultancy Works


The methodology for estimation of live capacity of reservoir using remote sensing consists of following major task-

(1) Digital data base creation
(2) Estimation of water spread area
(3) Calculation of reservoir capacity
(4) Comparison of result with previous surveys
(5) Estimation of live capacity loss due to sedimentation

Completed Projects

Year No. of Projects
2014-2015 12
2015-2016 34
2016-2017 20
2017-2018 32
2018-2019 Projects ongoing

Completed Research Paper (Conferences and Journals)

Year No.of Papers
2014-2015 2
2015-2016 5
2016-2017 4
2017-2018 6
2018-2019 3