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It is planning and Hydrology (P&H) wing of WRD. Initially it was established as Hydrology Project (HP) in year 1995 under National Hydrology Project. This organization has 2 Circles 8 Divisions for Hydro meteorological data collection & analysis.

  • Installation & maintenance of Hydro-meteorological stations viz. RG, FCS and water quality Labs (level II & I)
  • Testing of Water quality for 37 parameters through 6 level II labs and 6 field parameters at 38 level I labs.
  • Installation of telemetric Hydro-meteorological stations and revision of network
  • Collection, Validation, Storing and Dissemination of Hydro-meteorological & water quality data
  • Analysis of the data, Basin simulation, Preparations of Hydrologic DSS
  • Water planning and water availability studies
  • Cell for State Level TAC for clearance of A.A and R.A.A. for project costing more than Rs. 25 crore. Scrutiny of WR projects working under S.E.DC, P&H Circle Nashik