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D. G. (DTHRS), MERI is having an overall control of following State level Water Resources Organization.

  • Central Designs Organization (D)
  • Maharashtra Engineering Training Academy (T)
  • Planning and Hydrology (H)
  • Maharashtra Engineering Research Institute (R)
  • Dam Safety Organization (S)
  • Quality Control Circles (QC)
  • State Level Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

Under the guidance of 2 Chief Engineers, the functions of these independent organizations are carried out by the 12 Superintending Engineers and 56 Executive Engineers.These organizations carry out Planning & Hydrology, Design, Research, Quality assurance and Safety of Water Resources projects of the state. The Training of in-service Engineers and Directly recruited Engineers is conducted at META.. The Planning, Design, Research and Dam safety issues of Water Resources are taken up on Consultancy basis. These organizations have involved in drafting many codes of Civil Engineering under BIS.

Brief History and Functions

This organization was established in 1959. The research areas include hydrodynamics, highways, coastal, environmental, structural engineering, instrumentation, soil mechanics, material testing, seismic data analysis and remote sensing/ GIS etc. The 8 Divisions working under the Superintending Engineer & Jt. Director carry out following activities.

Crop acreage measurement using remote sensing technique (RST) and GIS and assessment of reservoir sedimentation using RST& Bathymetry.
  • The seismic data collection, analysis and maintenance of seismic recorders.
  • Modeling, testing and calibrating the hydraulic structures like outlet, spillway etc.
  • The reservoir instrumentation.
  • On field testing of strength of road, their sub-grade and roughness of road.
  • The testing of construction materials like cement, aggregate, sand, concrete, rock, steel, RCC pipe, soil and water for their engineering properties.
  • Plate load test, NDT, Concrete mix design, testing on 2000 tons capacity machine.